Hello im back again.. Sorry for long hiatus from this blog (anyone miss me? no? okay. ) Please catch me on twitter and tumblr in case you want to know more about me lol.. (ok, just kidding).

So, this time im gonna give a quick review about new Linkin Park new album The Hunting Party. I remembering my first Linkin Park records when I was only 10 or 11 years old.  I found something was different about this band. I loved them, and after that I become a big, very super big fan of Linkin Park (as you can see, if you paid attention to all my social account lol). After their Hybrid Theory and Meteora LP started changing their minds and their kind of music, going from Nu Metal to alternative pop-rock to experimental (electronic?) sounds. Finally after ‘Living Things’ (2 years ago), Linkin Park are back with their new album The Hunting Party! So when they said this album was sort of like a prequel to Hybrid Theory, they were not lying! This record is awesome, I love so many of  90s rock influences throughout this album . So, here’s my short review;

Keys to The Kingdom: fucking fantastic opener for this album. Chester’s robotic screams sounds incredible (remember, he’s 38 and still sing like this omg!) Mike singing the verse really well before Chester unleashes some brutal screams, Mike back again, rap (he’s the king, I really love his rap in this song!) then Chester screams again, Brad takes over the song with his guitar. Brad’s solo just fucking dope! This song really punched me in the face! I was completely blown away Definitely my fave track from the album.

 All For Nothing; This song is badass! Mike’s rap verses are excellent! He’s fucking killed it!! He’s a five star general and he’s the King! Paige Hamilton and Chester sings the chorus well. Again, I really love Mike’s verses and the chorus is very catchy. The song ends with you hearing “Put the heavy shit there.” “The heavy shit right here?” lol.

Guilty All The Same; I have listened to this song hundreds time since it was released in March, almost 3 months before the album get released (lol). I really loved it, one of the best song from the album. Rob and Brad just amazing in this song. Huge and epic.


The Summoning; Not much else to say about this. too short, It’s just an interlude. Nice track.

War; Here we go,Linkin Park goes punk. Chester sing really dirty (sexy?) and screaming throughout. It was really surprised (or nice?) to hear Chester singing something like that. His vocals are epic! Brad shows up with his BEST GUITAR SOLO to date for the bridge.

Wastelands , Until It’s Gone (also with  Guilty All The Same ) were the 3 songs I listened to before the albums release. I love every part of it.

Wastelands; another catchy song from LP, reminds me of When They Come For Me /Bleed It Out mix with Somewhere I Belong? well, I just wanna say, I really loved this song.

Until Its Gone; one of the most beautiful song that LP ever made, but I hate to say this, this song has repetitive lyrics, and sounds a bit lazy, and could be boring at the same time. Chester showing a lot of emotion and passion from the beginning until the end. What a beautiful song. I Still found myself addicted to this song.

Rebellion: This song features Darron Malakian from SOD, thanks to him he made epic & brutal introduction to this song. I like Mike’s vocals here. Theres some memorable screams from Chester at the bridge. With both Chester and Mike singing the chorus together, the hard rock pace, heavy guitars riffs, drums, just completed everything. Really really love this song! One of the best from the Album.


Mark The Graves; Long intro andI don’t really know how to review it. Sounds different than the rest of the songs on the album, (hey its not a bad thing!). With weird feeling I really love it!. Chester’s vocal performance on this track is fantastic, beautiful vocals in the verses leading into intense screams (amazing!), then we got another cool guitar solo from Brad.

Drawbar; An emotional song, absolutely beautiful! The piano, synts, distorted guitars, everything just perfect. This probably the best instrumental tracks on LP records. (p.s: I have no idea where is Tom Morello’s part in the song is? Help?)

Final Masquerade: This one of Linkin Park’s best slow/ballads single. Chester’s vocals is the best on this song. It’s just such a beautiful song. The lyrics are really outstanding. I don’t know how to describe how much I love this one. Just amazing (thank you Linkin Park)


A Line In The Sand: This is close to being the BEST THING that Linkin Park ever done. When Mike starts singing it give me goosebumps (Damn!I wish Mike would be singing more in this album). Theres part when Mike and Chester sing together it just the best part ever (thanks to their chemistry, honestly I want this part could be longer). Mike’s rap also really good.Love the noises (thunder and rain?) at the beginning. I thought it was going to be a slow song at first, but wow I was wrong, Rob’s drumming and the guitar omg it explodes into an EPIC long rock song, I FUCKING LOVE IT. This is a song I’ve wanted to listen to for the past few years. I could never find a song like this before. Now I have!! This song perfect to end the album. Best closer song for entire LP records

The Hunting Party is an excellent album. Every album just proves Linkin park is the best. Im completely blown away by this records, really dope shit! Mike produced the album, so this is his mayor contribution. He sing, rap, and everything from him just amazing. I don’t want to talk about Chester, because he always amazing.Brad and Rob have both a very GREAT JOB in this record. Phoenix too. Wait, wheres Joe? I miss Joe.


To me, Linkin Park will always be the best artist/singer/band/musician that I ever know. I cant believe its been 14 years since their first official album Hybrid Theory. Linkin Park has gone through a lot of different styles and experimented a lot in those 14 years. some people hated them. Hate will be hate. But, no matter what record they brought no matter what kind of musical direction they went to, I’ve always loved Linkin Park and I ALWAYS WILL. Thank You Linkin Park, your music given me a lot strength to face some issues in my life, thank you for amazing music of yours, it will always mean the world to me 🙂

Favourite Tracks: Keys To The Kingdom, Final Masquerade, A Line In The Sand, Rebellion, All For Nothing, Drawbar

Baligitha’s rated: 8.5/10


01. Keys To The Kingdom

02. All Or Nothing (ft Page Hamilton)

03. Guilty All The Same (ft. Rakim)

04. The Summoning

05. War

06. Wastelands

07. Until Its Gone

08. Rebellion (ft Daron Malakian)

09. Mark The Graves

10. Drawbar (ft Tom Morello)

11. Final Masquerade

12. A Line In The Sand




  1. carly017 says:

    Nice review!
    I love this band since i was 9 and they never disappointed me!
    Love every single on this album, my fave are Final Masquerade, Rebellion and Keys To The Kingdom;)

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