Today’s Random Stuff

wow, its been 5 months since the last post on June. Now i’m back!!  Well, at least for this blog post anyway.  Banyak hal yang terjadi selama 5 bulan terakhir, saking lamanya saya sampai tidak bisa mengingat semuanya. so, I apologize that I haven’t been here to give updates or some cheesy and maybe unimportant thing hehehe ^_^ .

postI always interest anything about musics and movies. This year, one of my biggest regret is not watching one republic concert in Jakarta (october 26) OMG, how could I? ( well,  i have personal issues why) Damn its RYAN TEDDER!!! ( i crazy over him for the last 3 year) .___. maybe i’ll regret this until next year 😦

lets forget it.

And last week, i watched THOR : THE DARK WORLD (twice in a week actually!)


All i can say is (no spoiler so no review). This movie is amazing, probably The Best Superhero movie after the Dark Knight. Every character gets a moment to shine and every single actor cast in these parts are perfect (esp Tom Hiddleston, I Am crazy all over him since Thor in 2011). The comedy is perfect. It’s such a fine balance overall, some tender emotional scenes, and superb action/special effects of course. Really loved it


One thought on “Today’s Random Stuff

  1. thefoxsays says:

    Gw suka bgt Thor, imo Thor is better than Iron Man #peace…

    Sayang sekali ga bsa ntn 1R pdhl Ryan Tedder keren bgt loh mbak

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