In each album, Demi Lovato has released, has each grown and grown more mature and more intimate. In this album, no doubt this is an excellent album by Demi Lovato. It has catchy song, some meaningful and inspirational songs. Opening the album with ‘Heart Attack’ is catchy and playful songs. The ballad works in this album ‘Two Pieces‘, ‘Nightingale’ are so beautiful. Some pop tune in this album including ‘Made In The USA’, ‘Without The Love’ and the house influence ‘Neon Lights’ are sounds perfect. Made In The USA and Something That we’re Not  are really catchy should be her next big hit. Never Been Hurt sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson’s single, but its ok, good enough. ‘Shouldn’t Come Back’ and ‘Warrior’ I think are the most personal songs. Those songs are beautifully written, heartfelt ballads with flawless vocals.

Love the whole album, Sure, Demi Lovato voice is one of the best out there in the music business. Her voice, for a 20-year-old, is phenomenal. This is her BEST album yet. The album is full of catchy tunes, soaring choruses, and amazing lyrics. DEMI is the best album I’ve heard in a long time.

Track List:

1. Heart Attack
2. Made In the USA
3. Without the Love
4. Neon Lights
5. Two Pieces
6. Nightingale
7. In Case
8. Really Don’t Care Feat. Cher Lloyd
9. Fire Starter
10. Something That We’re Not
11. Never Been Hurt
12. Shouldn’t Come Back
13. Warrior

Baligitha’s Fave Track: Made In The USA, Warrior, Heart Attack, Shouldn’t Come Back, Nightingale, Neon Lights

Baligitha’s Rated: 8/10


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