Album Review: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

ImageI never imagine i will love Ellie Goulding or her album before. So, I know Ellie from her hit single ‘Lights’ a couple monts ago. I Like it, but not love it. Still figure it out why i should love that song. But the more i listen to that song the more i like it. Now, iam officially a fan. So, Lets talk about this album ‘Halcyon

Everything came together on this record definitely surprised me, I love it. The album begins with ‘Don’t Say A Word’ a haunting with Bjork/Florence Welch style, the second track, ‘My Blood’ is one of my favourite track from this album. ‘My Blood’, is the most radio/pop-friendly on the album.  The piano combinations with the beat create a dreamy scene, this track is amazing beautiful.  The beauty of this track and the strong vocal make this a very great listen. The next track, ‘Anything Could Happen’ is the first single of the album. The huge sound of this track is incredible. One of my favourite track again. We already hear this song probably million times on radio, people love it, and I love it. With surprising strength vocals and sound toward the end of track, Ellie youre AMAZING. This song made me believe with my dream, like she said, anything could happen.

‘Only You’ amazing beat to this song, there are marching beat, bass and chipmunk vocals (what?), but believe me, its very creative and very well done, you will like this one.  ‘Halcyon’ is the title track of the album, Ellie begins to break into a softer sound with brilliant lyrics and beautiful harmonies. “you show me what it feels like to be lonely/you show me what it feels like to be lost” the lyrics are heartfelt and heartbreaking. I loved this song, and I can relate this 😦 . ‘Figure 8’ is like angry type song of this album, this song about how many people trying to ‘hold on’ in at the end of a relationship, and finally realize that anything is better than what you are in currently. This song is soooo good and I have personally witnessed on some of my friends have that condition.  The seventh track, ‘Joy’. I love this song because its simple. With piano, and her beautiful vocals, this seems so natural.

‘Hanging On‘ theres a little bit of the dubstep on this track. I hear some Florence influences in this one. The next track, ‘Explosions’ is one of the best songs on the album. It sounds like Bjork and it’s kinda scary. With best lyrics, sound, vocals, piano, this song is completely breathtaking. And the way she sings on it is  angelic. ‘I Know You Care’ , just Ellie and the piano, well done and beautiful.  ‘Atlantis’ sounds good with orchestral strings, backing choir and ‘Dead In The Water’ sounds very sincere and beautiful. This song have Enya influence (in my opinion). I think this song should have been the last track of the album. The last track from this album is ‘I Need Your Love’ a dance song featuring Calvin Harris, It doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the album but good enough.

I was not expecting this album to be that fantastic, because I wasn’t particularly a fan of Ellie’s previous album or EPs, but upon listening to Halcyon, I was blown away. I find myself listening to them over and over. And I REALLY LOVED this album. I don’t think anyone out there sounds like her. She’s unique, brilliant, innovative, interesting, and talented. She is one of the best singers I have listened to recently. I highly recommend this album to everyone everywhere.

Baligitha’s rated: 9/10

Baligitha’s Fave Track: My Blood, Anything Could Happen, Halcyon, Figure 8, Explosions, Atlantis, Joy

Halcyon Tracklist:

1. Don’t Say a Word

2. My Blood

3. Anything Could Happen

4. Only You

5. Halcyon

6. Figure 8

7. JOY

8. Hanging On

9. Explosions

10. I Know You Care

11. Atlantis

12.  Dead in the Water

13. I Need Your Love


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