Album Review: The World From The Side of The Moon


The World From The Side of The Moon is debut album from season 11 American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips.

First I expected Phillip’s debut album will be good, but this blew me away. Phillip Phillips has a very unique sound. The first track of this album is ‘Man Of The Moon’ . This song featuring a banjo, violin, saxophone , I would love to hear this song played live. The second track  followed by smash radio single ‘Home‘ which was his coronation song from American Idol, and I really really love this song! Home has a really positive message, “know you’re not alone, I’m gonna make this place your home.” This song featuring drums, guitar, and an impressive backup vocal, this song undoubtedly successful to today’s music!

The next track, ‘Gone Gone Gone’ . ‘Gone Gone Gone’ is a sweet love song. this song is one of my fave song from the album and i believe, soon, this song will be a radio smash hit just like Home! There are  up-tempo songs like ‘Get Up Get Down‘ and ‘Drive Me’. ‘Get Up Get Down’ surprise me. The song starts out with a mid-tempo melody into aggressive chorus. Drive Me, has a real nice groove and is going to make everyone want to dance.  ‘Where We Came From’ is another my fave track from this album. This song is catchy and the chorus are well written. Next, ‘Wanted Is Love’ is a passionate track. So vulnerable lyrics.  ‘Cant Go Wrong’ is road trip type song, which is very catchy and so good. A Fool’s Dance’ is unique song with unique sound. Last track, ‘So Easy’ is love song with a pop chorus. The song made the album nicely, with an relaxed sound.

I love this album. Phillip Phillips is not just a singer, he is a musician. He wrote about 9 of the 12 tracks on this album, I am so impressed with the lyrics, the melodies, harmonies, instrumental arrangements. So loveable album. So, if you like Dave Matthews Band, Mumford & Sons, or any of that genre then you will not be disappointed to this album

Baligitha’s rated: 8/10

Baligitha’s Fave Track: Man On The Moon, Home, Gone Gone Gone, Where We Came Frome, Cant Go Wrong, Wanted Is Love

Tracks in The World From The Side of the Moon: Man on the Moon, Home, Gone, Gone, Gone, Hold On, Tell Me a Story, Get Up Get Down, Where We Came From, Drive Me, Wanted is Love, Can’t Go Wrong, A Fool’s Dance, So Easy


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