I didn’t know who was Ed Sheeran until I saw his performance on 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. At the time I was skipping through all the boring parts. (not all, but 50% of the show), but I didn’t skip through his ‘Wish You Were Here’ performance. I just kind of stopped and watched it. I love the fact that he is just wearing a baggy shirt and jeans to a big show, like Olympics closing ceremony. How cute.

Finally I know his face. Before that, I only read some news about him. And before that, I thought he was an old man with techo or dance music lol. Yeah, Iam so stupid. Finally I know his face, and his voice. The next day, I listen to The A Team and Lego House. Then, ———– WHY AM I LATE ON THIS?! —————-? I knew at that moment I had stumbled across something beautiful. Finally I listened to his album + (plus). I loved it.His music is simply amazing.

This album has many types of genre. Acoustic  pop, folk, hip hop and more. The stand out tracks in my opinion are Lego House, The A Team, Drunk, You Need Me I Don’t Need You, Give Me Love, The City, oh wait, I think I love all of them!

I am absolutely in love with the first track, ‘The A Team’. It is so beautiful, even though it’s very sad. the song is a dark-pop-folk with guitars and string arrangement.  The subject matter of “The A Team” is about a young girl’s descent into drug addiction and prostitution. The track is breathtaking, simply but incredibly powerful.  To me ‘Drunk’ is about someone who has lost a loved one because of his own inability to change. the guitar and drums are simply cool. Ed said that the inspiration behind ‘Small Bump” was a friend of his losing her baby. its one of the strongest tracks on the album. Very deep songwith acoustic drum and some wonderful vocals.

The songs like ‘Grade 8’ , ‘The City’, and ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ add a little R&B flavor which is very cool to me. And SHIT!, he can pull off the rap and beatbox! Its like folk indie with rap or beatbox. COOL. Plus, his warm falsetto is endearing.

‘Lego House’ is my favourite song. I listen to this song a couple months ago, I liked it. Without knowing who sing this song. honest and refreshingly love song with simple lyrics and soft music with acoustic guitar. This song tells story of being in love but not wanting to get hurt again. Iam so in love with this song.

The last track ‘Give Me Love’ what emotion, soulfulness in his voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Excellent song.

+  leaving the listener feeling happy, sad, and every emotion.


Everything is not about simply and beautiful. But, Ed Sheeran is fantastic. He has a beautiful voice and his songs all have very deep meanig. I love every track on the album and have obsessively listened to it over and over again! And oh wait, he’s young too.

i will put my favourite line from which is perfect to describes my opinion about this album.

–“Ed is great at drawing on reality to create acoustic masterpieces like this. It’s incredibly simple, with slow beat, piano, acoustic guitar and it “tells you nothing but truth”. Ed’s vocals are pure with a touch of innocent maturity to his tone. He’s still young but he appears to have seen and experienced a lot.”–

Final Thought:

If you are into all the party songs and fast songs then this album is NOT for you. And If you like  piano’s and acoustic guitars with something refreshing and beautiful songs,  you might enjoy this album. At the end, all I can say, the album is very refreshing, amazing and beautiful. Really loved it.  (9/10)

Track Listing:
1.  The A Team
2. Drunk
3. U.N.I
4. Grade 8
5. Wake Me Up
6. Small Bump
7. This
8. The City
9. Lego House
10.  You Need Me, I Don’t Need You
11. Kiss Me
12. Give Me Love

Baligitha’s Fave Track: Lego House, The A Team, Drunk, You Need Me, I Don’t Need You, Grade 8, This City, Give Me Love, This

P.S: sorry about my English and my poor review:) hope you enjoy it! Please r&r



One thought on “AlBUM REVIEW : ED SHEERAN + (Plus)

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    excuse me for commenting… i had no idea how to reach you otherwise. i follow your music reviews and have done along with some other blogs for a while. I have my own band called THE LEANO and we are looking to get some reviews done for a new album. Would it be possible to send you a copy and get your reflections on it.

    check out the older stuff at

    much love


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