ImageThe Dark Knight Rises was my most anticipated movie of the year (maybe of the decade). And i think this week, i will watch it again for the second time. I Just to make it short, this is a very short review.

The Dark Knight is absolutely fantastic. You will not be disappointed should you see this film. I had extremely high expectations and it delivered!!! The Length of this movie was 2 hours 45 minutes, and honestly, I wish it NEVER ended. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4 hour movie LOL!

ImageChristian Bale simply gave the best performance he’s ever done to date as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Tom Hardy was the main villain completely shattered my expectations. One of the best superhero movie villains, I’ve ever seen (after this movie, I’m a fan of Bane! lol). I hate when people compare Joker and Bane. Its completely unfair and the two characters are very different. Unlike The Joker, Bane is not unstable/crazy and he is much more direct. And he is physically more powerful than any enemy batman has faced before.

I am impressed with Anne Hathaway performance. Michael Caine (Alfred) drive emotional content of the film, it’s heartbreaking to see every part of his scene. The rest, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon Levitt (I love him! He is my fave actor) and Marion Cotillard did well performance in their respective roles.

The movie’s soundtrack (score) is terrific, the best original score ever that i ever heard (maybe). Great writing, great direction, great action, the best superhero movies! Personally I liked The Dark Knight better. But, The Dark Knight Rises certainly came very close it (its like, I gave The Dark Knight 91 and The Dark Knight Rises 90 and 85 for Batman Begins).

As a film though, this is amazing, one the best film I’ve ever seen. LOVED IT!!

Baligitha’s rated: 90/100


Spoiler for the worst scene:

*Bane got killed by catwoman in a 5 second death scene. Wtf is that? very lame scene.. He;s a total badass the entire movie, then that happens:(

*How Bruce gets back into Gotham after he breaks out of prison (LOL)

*How John Blake knows who Batman is


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