Linkin Park’s new album this year! Are you ready ?


Linkin Park‘s brand-new single “Burn It Down!” first official single from their new album , Living Things, due out June 26th.

For me, Burn it Down sounds awesome and kickass! reminds me of the New Divide+What I’ve Done+Burning In The Skies, but in a goodly.. I’m surprised that the new album will released that fast!! so HAPPY!! Cant wait for Living Things!

Living Things Track List: 01. Lost In The Echo, 02. In My Remains, 03. Burn It Down, 04. Lies Greed Misery, 05. I’ll Be Gone, 06. Castle of Glass, 07. Victimized, 08. Roads Untraveld, 09. Skin To Bone, 10. Until it Breaks, 11. Tinfoil, 12. Powerless



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