Gavin Degraw (Sweeter) Album Review

I had heard Gavin’s singles in the past (I don’t wanna be, we belong together, in love with the girl, an d more), and liked them, but to be honest, hadn’t really paid any attention to him before. I heard “Not Over You” on the radio, and then decide to hear his full album. Now, I listened to Sweeter all day (LOL).

If you’re a Gavin DeGraw fan already, you shouldn’t be disappointed here. Just finished listening through it once and I love it! The album is more soul than pop-rock (I think..).  His voice is so smooth and the lyrics are amazing. Those songs are catchy, melodic and entertaining, the music and lyrics here are superb across the album. Very recommended (score: 7.5/10)

Favorite Tracks: Not Over You, Where You Are, Soldier, Candy

Gavin Degraw Sweeter – Track Listing: 01. Sweeter 02. Not Over You 03. Run Everytime 04. Sodier 05. Candy 06. You Know Where I’m At 07. Stealing 08. Radiation 09. Where You Are 10. Spell it Out


4 thoughts on “Gavin Degraw (Sweeter) Album Review

  1. carrie young says:

    You mean you just started to pay attention to him after his Sweeter album? Have you been locked in a closet? All of his music, each song on every album is awesome! He’s melodic, soulful, rhythmic, tender…not to mention his sweet voice! Glad you came out of the closet to recognize pure genious in the music biz! I love him…he’s a wonderful performer…and not too hard on the eyes either!…wish there were more just like him, with their own catchy twists

      • carrie says:

        Well…firstly, I’m not a son, I’m a female. Secondly, the comment about the closet was just to make a statement. I just think he’s an excellent song writer and musician and there are still millions of folks who have never even heard of him. Thats all…

      • baligitha says:

        yes, he’s an excellent song writer and musician, i adore him, thats why i wrote about him 🙂

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