Me and My Random Thoughts

HI! I’m back from almost a month of being on hiatus. Well, it was because of busy internship and some personal stuffs. But thank God, I’m back. Did anyone miss me? 🙂

i dont know, but i want to write about some random things/thought which is (i think) happened to me during my hiatus period.

* Why do people hurt most those they love?

We trust them and we know deep in our hearts that, no matter what we do, they won’t stop loving us. We feel safe to take our frustrations on them because we think there will be no consequences.

We’re angry and frustrated with ourselves. By trying to hurt them, we try in fact to hurt ourselves. We think we don’t deserve anything good, so we aim at the good things we have in life and unconsciously try to destroy them.

* I think I might have bipolar disorder? am i?

i have noticed that my moods have been changing alot, i have been really happy and feeling like nothing can stop me and then for no reason i feel really angry with some things and sometimes angry about small unimportant things, i also get really depressed, cried, or something. Then the next days, i wake up and regret those stupid things.

* I need more sleep:(

internship, sahur, fasting and other business, etc made my sleep is not enough. I normally sleep for seven hours per night. During internship and fasting day i go to bed something around 12 am then wake up at 4.30am for sahur (because im muslim), after that i couldnt sleep anymore. it means i only sleep for 4 hours. But it doesnt matter because i got a lot of things which is important in my life. since this weekend till september i think i could sleep all day long, HAHAHA:)

* You cant make people like you

You can’t actually make someone like you. You can like other people, but you can not make them like you back. what im talking about its not about lover. im talking about friend or work partner.



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