Welcome to my silly post…

First, I had to say this is short and very boring post about my feeling, just my two cents or something. So just ignore it if you feel this kind a stupid. But welcome to read it if you want it. I always appreciate readers.

When typing this post , all the sadness, helpless and stress burst it out in a post. I realized that I must noted down what’s happening and my feeling  because blog is my diary (for now I mean,, lol).

I am fragile… I hate myself being in this way , but I just can’t escape from it. Sometime I used to hide all the emotions , but the sadness still remain, The sorrow even made me always get insomnia or headache. And I think the best way for girls to release all the negative thinking is tears.

–Girls are made from water–. (this tagline I stole from someone, lol)

Since last month I am a bit depressed about my studies, about how much I miss my hometown, my family and my friends. Theres a couple things that made me feel very upset, sad, disappointed. And  few  incidents happened lately. Hurts. I sacrifice something. This is not about money or material. But this is about feelings. I always keep my feelings to myself. Sometimes in when  my feelings were hurt, I never say to anyone else. Even someone who has hurted me. I try to be strong.  Take it like a man (wait, I’m a women! )

Home Sweet Home.  I miss my home. I miss my mom, my dad and all my family and friends in Bali. My parents are the best person ever in my heart . Without them , there won’t be me . I willing to sacrifice my life for them I love my parents . Guys, You’re my everything.


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