• A Thousand Suns #1 in Billboard hot 200 album chart with 241.000 in first week. A Thousand Suns also #1 in over 10 coutries (you can check out Wikipedia)
  • A Thousand sold over 523.000 copies worldwile in first week
  • Linkin Park have been nominated in Best Rock and Best Live Act category at the 2010 EMA’s also Linkin Park will perform too! (Don’t forget to VOTE!)
  • A Thousand Suns being #1 in 4 weeks in Australian Album Chart
  • The Second Music Video ‘Waiting For The End’ has released in October 8 2010, you can check on or go to youtube
  • Linkin Park is the featured Artist of The Month on MTV Asia
  • Finally, after a month (actually less than a month) A Thousand Suns selling 1 million copies in worldwile, congratts Linkin Park
  • A Thousand Suns certified gold&platinum almost everywhere (you can see wikipedia)
  • Linkin Park won Best Live act on EMA 2010 🙂
  • And… theres a lot news about Linkin Park this month, (that I couldn’t explain, sorry, i wish I had more time), you can chesck out any Linkin Park news on or thx..




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